Psychic house hunting!

I was watching Location Location Location last night on Channel 4 and was intrigued to see that one of the couples used information obtained through pendulums and dowsing rods in order to choose their new home.  They’d asked a friend to use a pendulum in order to choose their area then, after Phil and Kirstie had found them a home that ticked all the boxes, they had a friend (the same friend, I think?!) visit the house with dowsing rods to check the energy flow.

I got the impression that Phil - whilst remaining extremely polite throughout - didn’t think much of the extra input into the house search!  When asked how much importance was placed on these methods, the woman said that it was definitely a factor …. although her other half didn’t appear to agree.

Any other tales of psychic house hunting to share??  I suppose many house hunters use a kind-of intuition when it comes to choosing their house - even if a house ticks all the boxes in terms of rooms, locations etc., sometimes a house is rejected simply because it doesn’t feel right.  Is this really all that different?

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