Cyclists suffer identical injuries in horror crashes

Cyclists suffer identical injuries in horror crashes

CYCLING is proving a Fairley dangerous pastime for two cyclists who share the same name and who suffered identical injuries in two separate horror crashes within two weeks.

Dalgety Bay’s Stuart Fairley received a broken collarbone after the keen cyclist landed on his head when a locked wheel flung him over his bike’s handlebars.

And in an amazing twist, another Stewart Fairley, from Winchburgh, West Lothian, suffered the exact same injury only a couple of days earlier after crashing off his bike at 37mph.

Stuart said, “The fact we’re both cyclists who fell off within a couple of days of each other and ended up with the same injury, it’s just really bizarre.”

Stewart concurred, “It was a very strange coincidence, very spooky. Lets hope there’s not a third cyclist out there with the same name.”

Even more coincidental is the fact both cyclists were travelling on new bikes and it was the first time either had been in a serious crash.

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