The legend of Slenderman

The legend of Slenderman

If you enjoy paranormal-themed myths and legends, then you’re bound to have heard of Slenderman. This mysterious super tall and slim male figure has been spotted by people in various old photographs (see left).

Slenderman is said to be able to extend his limbs to inhuman lengths in order to capture his prey, and sprout tentacles when required.  His victims fall into a hypnotised state before … well, before Slenderman does whatever it is that Slenderman does.  Because that’s the thing - nobody really knows.  All we know is that he likes to stalk children but is clearly partial to the occasional adult too, going by the countless reports of people of ALL ages who have gone missing after a Slenderman encounter.

But it won’t take much Googling to find that Slenderman is entirely fictional, created in a thread on the SomethingAwful forums where users were each attempting to create a paranormal image.

The contest was about more than creating an image - fictional stories were created too in order to make the myth seem more convincing.

And, boy, did it work!

I’ve seen countless discussions on forums about Slenderman, including various reports that similar figures have been mentioned in “true story” books written decades before the Slenderman contest.  The theory is that Slenderman is real and has existed for centuries, powered by our belief in him.  But in time we forgot about Slenderman and so he disappeared … so the “contest” on Something Awful was nothing more than a way to bring him back to life!

But, fantastic as these ideas are, they have all been planted around the internet by people keen to perpetuate the myth as created on Something Awful.  A lesson to be learned here is: don’t believe everything (or anything?!) you read on the internet!

But something quite wonderful has come out of the Slenderman legend:  the efforts & imagination of brilliant amateur paranormal creatives have led to the production of some amazing Slenderman-themed bits of work.   From blogs written by people claiming to have encountered Slenderman (these blogs usually end abruptly, hinting at the author having gone missing) to the brilliant Marble Hornets series on YouTube (now available to buy on DVD!).  And not forgetting some excellent Slenderman art!

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Any more Slenderman inspired blogs I should know about?

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