End of the world is nigh?

End of the world is nigh?

“A BRITISH family are gearing up to survive a global disaster they believe is imminent and will plunge civilization into a lawless new dark age.

Computer repair man Larry Peters, 42, is convinced a giant solar flare will strike the Earth at the end of THIS YEAR, knocking out communications, energy and food supplies and resulting in worldwide anarchy.

To give his family the best chance of emerging from this “catastrophe”, Larry has joined in the US phenomenon of “prepping” — stockpiling food and water and teaching his kids, including nine-year-old daughter Lily, to HUNT and GUT animals.

Larry has also kitted out his family’s three-bed terrace in Cornwall, to cope with every eventuality.

They have installed a generator for back-up power, horded a two-month food supply and they keep ten chickens for a constant supply of eggs and have cultivated a 150ft vegetable patch in the garden.

They have splashed out £10,000 on a 4x4 in case they need to flee, spent £1,200 on guns and ammo and filled giant tanks with water to build up a 700-gallon reserve.

Larry said: “We’re preppers, we believe in being as self-sufficient as possible. As a family we’re about 99 per cent prepared for the end.”

There’s no specific date mentioned for this particular end-of-the-world prediction - have you heard about a predicted solar flare, coming later this year?

Read the full story at: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/4207988/The-British-family-frantically-prepping-for-the-end-of-the-world.html

Updated to add:

Here is an article about recent solar activity in the Daily Fail Mail (here) and another link about the 2012 Solar Flare Theory.

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