UFOs in NASA photos?

UFOs in NASA photos?

I came across this YouTube video today, claiming to show UFOs in NASA photos of the sun:

Edit: unfortunately the original video has been taken down, but here’s another one with similar footage:

At first I was quite intrigued by what I was seeing - what are these weird spherical shapes that are surviving while being so close to the sun?  Then I read some of the comments below the video which suggested the spherical objects were indeed … planets!  “Well done for finding Mercury”, mocked one viewer, and I admit I felt a little foolish for not even considering the possibility that there was a perfectly reasonable explanation for the shapes.

But knowing there is a much discussed theory of the sun being a stargate, I decided to do some googling.  The first link I came across was Giant UFOs around the Sun? NASA claims malfunction, physicist says giant ET UFOs use Sun’s star gate on the Examiner website.  Referring to the same images in the YouTube video, NASA claims they are actually “compression artifacts” - and not planets!  In fact, NASA appears to have replaced the images you see in the YouTube video with the “artifacts” removed - causing many to shout “cover up”!

When asked to explain why the spaceships artifacts appear to reflect the light of the sun, NASA announced this was due to an equipment failure - and removed the photos in question.  How convenient!

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