UFO sighting raises questions about alien spacecraft lighting

UFO sighting raises questions about alien spacecraft lighting

A recent UFO sighting has raised questions over whether we should ever expect to see lights on an alien spacecraft.

A recently released video on the UFO And Alien Truth Network Youtube channel shows footage of orange lights in the skies over the Philippines.  While official responses point towards it being the lights of a private or military drone, some of those pondering a more out-of-this-world explanation have questioned whether alien spacecrafts would actually have a use for external lights.

Commenting on ufoandalientruthnetwork.com, David Pépin wrote: “Why would there be any lights on a Alien spacecraft? If there were lights, I dont think it would be big bright yellow/white lights, more like infrared or something else so they dont get noticed.”

A similar question was asked on Reddit in 2013 and Redditor Apersonofinterest666 suggested that the lights could actually be a by-product of the spacecraft’s technology, such as propulsion or sensors.  When another user suggested that there may also be numerous UFOs without lights that we simply can’t see, Redditor Unsaif wondered if the UFOs with lights are a way for aliens to gradually introduce themselves to us, without freaking the whole planet out.

This idea is also seen on the presidentialufo.com website, which states: “They want to be seen… It was the first step in the plan to make people aware they were not alone in the Universe. If they didn’t want to be seen they would have turned off their lights.”

Regardless of the possible motivations of visiting aliens, this particular UFO sighting over the Philippines still remains wholly unexplained.

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