Unlocking the Mystery of How to Become A Psychic

Unlocking the Mystery of How to Become A Psychic

Hollywood movies, like X-men, have shown us that, in their universe, there are people who can tap into their subconscious minds and use these abilities to their advantage. Professor X, known only to be the greatest telepath in the world, possesses different unique characteristics that may be applied in our lives.

Time and again we have heard that each and every one of us has dormant psychic abilities that are waiting to be awakened. World-renowned clairvoyants and gifted prophets would have had to share similar characteristics or follow a same way of life before they could be the persons they are today.

Unlocking the mystery of how to become a psychic may not have a definite set of instructions, but following what these people or following top psychic websites have done in the past may just pave the way to awakening your inner psychic being.

Be aware of your surroundings

Being a psychic means you would have to be always curious. Use your eyes to observe your surroundings and become fully aware. Being a more open-minded person may just unlock your gift, and then lead to opening your third eye. Do not dismiss your intuition. Feel and recognize the energies that surround you every day.

Spending some time alone is helpful, too. Permit your thoughts to flow freely—it is of utmost importance that you do not control them. Welcome all possibilities, and absorb them. Just by setting yourself to believe that outside forces are existent welcomes a lot of communications. It means you are making them aware that you are ready to listen.

Carry a journal anywhere you go. Do not dismiss those random thoughts and sudden feelings. Write them down. These fragments of thoughts and feelings will interconnect with one another and soon form a theme. Trust your intuitions, your gut-feeling that says yes or no.

Free yourself from unnecessary worry

One of the biggest distractions to unlocking your psychic self is distraction. People almost always have something going on in their heads – bills to pay, fights with loved ones, planning a vacation, etc. Distractions make it very difficult for someone to pay attention to what is happening in front of them. Fears and worries do not help as well, it only hinders the possibility of outside energies from contacting you.

Clear your mind. Breathe deeply. Think slowly.


Be extra sensitive

Great psychics are known to be extra sensitive. They can easily read someone’s pain, emotions, and energy using non-verbal body language alone. This is what we call empathy, the ability to feel the pain, joy, satisfaction, or discontent of someone as if it is your own.

Learn from other psychics

Receiving advice from people who have done it in the past can prove helpful. These people will show you the ropes. Observe quietly and remember the steps, and then in your own time, you can practice alone.

Set yourself up in a quiet room in your house. As much as possible, dim the lights or prevent sunlight from illuminating the room. Lighting some candles can work as well. Invite the spirits to join you by saying a chant or a prayer to make them aware that you are indeed ready to listen.

Allow yourself to receive communications through all your senses. You may hear, feel, smell, or see them. You may, at first, feel frightened or pain. This is normal. What is important is you remain open to all of these forms.

Once you know that they have already joined you in the room, you can then ask them to identify themselves. Once they answer, you may repeat their answer to confirm that you have heard them loud and clear. Only by doing this often you can become an effective psychic. In the long run, the process would seem a lot easier because spirits would see you as someone who really knows what s/he’s doing.

Sign up for a workshop

There are tens of thousands of resource books that you can read about unlocking your psychic being. But learning firsthand from someone who is an expert in this field is way better than any of those books. By signing up for a course, you will get to see it in your own eyes. You will get to observe proper behaviors during a session – what to do or say and what not to. Of course, you will also meet a lot of people who share the same interest; and learning from strangers is a fulfilling experience.

These are what those great clairvoyants and prophets did in the past that made them so good in this field. While everyone has the ability to open their third eye and become a psychic, not everyone has the discipline to follow these things. Most people are often distracted by so many things, especially nowadays that smartphones take up most of our time.

By living your life the way the great ones have lived theirs do not necessarily mean you will become one. You may not become the Professor X of this world, but knowing that there are invisible forces that surround us – and be able to communicate with them – is nothing but satisfying. How about you, what have you been doing to unlock your inner psychic?

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