The curse of Aaron Ramsey

The curse of Aaron Ramsey

Last week was a sad one for for the entertainment industry, with the untimely passings of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  But some conspiracy theorists believe there is more to these unfortunate events than meets the eye: some have noticed an intriguing pattern between the timing of goals scored by Arsenal FC midfielder Aaron Ramsey and the deaths of major celebrities.

The theory is that when Ramsey scores, somebody famous dies within a few days.  And this isn’t a new trend - his goals have coincided with several deaths including Osama bin Laden, Steve Jobs and Whitney Houston.

So, is there anything in this conspiracy theory?  I’ve looked back over this football season and last, to compare his goals with major celebrity deaths:

Goal ScoredResultCelebrity Death
13th January 2016 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Liverpool v ArsenalDAlan Rickman (14th January)
9 January 2016 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Arsenal v SunderlandWDavie Bowie (10th January)
13th December 2015 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Aston Villa v ArsenalW???
5th December 2015 (PREMIER LEAGUE) Arsenal v SunderlandW???
17th October 2015 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Warford v ArsenalW???
13th October 2015 (EURO CHAMPIONSHIPS) - Wales v AndorraL???
4th May 2015 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Hill v ArsenalW???
11th April 2015 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Burnley v ArsenalW???
28th March 2015 (EURO CHAMPIONSHIPS) - Israel v WalesW???
17th March 2015 (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE) - Monaco v ArsenalW???
14th March 2015 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Arsenal v West HamW???
9 December 2014 (CHAMPIONS LEAGUE) - Galatasaray v Arsenal)W???
6th December 2014 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Stoke v ArsenalL???
23rd August 2014 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Everton v ArsenalDRichard Attenborough (24th August)
16th August 2014 (PREMIER LEAGUE) - Arsenal v Crystal PalaceW???
10th August 2014 (COMMUNITY SHIELD) - Arsenal v Manchester CityWRobin Williams (11th August)

As you can see, there is a reasonable strike rate (4 deaths in 16 goals) however that still leaves many, many goals when no major celebrity deaths took place.  Either way, Ramsey didn’t score on Saturday, so we can all rest easy for now ;)

What do you think?  Is the curse of Aaron Ramsey for real?  Let me know if you spot any major celebrity deaths that I’ve missed, or if you’ve spotted patterns with any other sports men or women!

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