UK's most haunted house for sale

UK's most haunted house for sale

The owner of the UK’s most haunted house has put it up for sale, after being tormented by what she believes is the ghost of a demonic ghost.

The house, known as The Cage in St Osyth, Essex, was formerly a medieval prison and has been visited by paranormal investigation groups on several occasions.

The owner Vanessa Mitchell, 43, has experienced a range of ghostly activities during her 11 years in the house.  This ranges from sightings of ghostly figures through to being physically pushed over.

But he final straw came when Vanessa took a photo of herself and spotted a strange figure standing between her and her son’s cot.

Would you like to be the new owner of this haunted house?  It could be yours for £290,000 - check it out here.

Original source: Metro

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