Psychic sends same 'letter from heaven' to dozens of grieving families

Psychic sends same 'letter from heaven' to dozens of grieving families

Here at Hidden Influences we like to keep an open mind about psychic abilities, but a story recently reported in the Daily Record serves as a reminder that both skeptics AND believers shouldn’t accept everything at face value.

Karen Brannigan told the Daily Record that she had paid £38 for well known psychic medium Lillyanne to contact her deceased mother.  After receiving a letter back - supposedly containing a message from her late mother - Karen realised that many of the facts didn’t ring true.  Trusting her instincts that something wasn’t right, Karen chatted online with more of Lillyanne’s customers and it soon became apparent that the same letter had been received by several of them.

Karen attempted to contact Lillyanne via her Facebook page and initially found herself BLOCKED from posting.  However she later received messages from Lillyanne’s son, Ashley Flay, explaining that this had in fact been an administrative error and that the admin staff member in question had since been fired.  It turned out that no fewer than 24 customers had all been sent the same reading.

So, a timely reminder that even when a psychic has an apparently good reputation (Lillyanne even appeared on TV in her role as psychic medium) - mistakes can still be made.

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